Did Someone Say Cool Features?


Slow Motion With Us!

Fun in Slow Motion 

Record all of the high intensity fun at your Party with our super slow motion cameras that record in 120 fps in HD quality. Then watch it all as our Editing Team re-recreates your very own music video with the footage highlights. Oh, and don't forget our Super Slow Motion Props of course (Warning: We tend to make a mess).


Check out more videos (LINK to slow motion page).  

Multi Camera GIF!

9 Camera Station Set Up

Want the ultimate in Photo experience? Book our Multi Camera GIF services. Typically used for Corporate Activations such as Virgin America, but hey- why not bring the fun into your very own Wedding Party? 

Comes equipped with the full scale model and the option of the jr. slider version. 

Featuring... The Orb

One of our Newest Booths

The Orb has been a hit at our events, especially with the younger crowd. Touch screen and fully equipped and feature rich with filters, digital props, GIFs, Burst Mode GIFs, and did we mention, loads of fun? 

The Orb is both portable and minimal, ready to go whether your venue is in your house or on a yacht. 

Click here for more details.

Event Roaming Photography

Add Printing and Social Sharing

Hi, did we mention we are Professional Photographers? Yes, that's right- not only do we Photography Weddings, but your Birthday, Maternity Shoot, Graduation, Anniversary, you name it! 

We love anything and everything Photos. Ask us about Printing on Site, Custom Cards, Sleeves, and Magnets. 


Your Own Mini Motion Picture

What better way to capture the brilliance of you moving in action than with a Flipbook. 

We use premium cardstock paper for maximum flipbook satisfaction and top it off with a custom design cover so people know it was your event that they got this at. 

Options of 36 frames vs 48 frames


Your Keepsake of Memories

Did you know that Scrapbooks are one of the few things you take home with you after your Event? 

A classic feature of yesteryear, but still one of our favorites. Our scrapbooks come with hundreds of stickers, patterned paper, craft scissors, glue sticks, and pens for the ultimate arts and crafts project. 

Your guests leave a copy of their photo and decorate it with all of our supplies. The messages they leave with stay with you forever. 

Our clients still have their Scrapbooks today from several years ago and cherish them. 

Unique Props

There's a difference between fun and cheesy

Props is something a lot of people overlook, but it truly brings out the inner child or goofball of the guests. 

We have a plethora of props from unicorn masks, umbrellas, to custom signs that include your inside jokes.

If you have something you want, make a request and let us know. We might have it or heck, just make it for you. 

Custom Backdrop

Whether it's a Red Carpet style or just branding your own event, we can create a Custom Backdrop for you. 

Our Design team puts it together, we print it out, and then set it up the day of. 

Options of 8' and 10' Vinyl Backdrops and 8' and 10' Fabric Backdrops are all available. Just note, that we do need 2-4 weeks in advance to prepare.

Green Screen

Don't be Boring

There's a reason why Green Screen remains popular throughout the years. You can use any digital background your imagination can come up with! 

Nowadays, with literally an infinite number of choices on the Internet, we aren't bounded by any limits of the imagination. 

Whether you are having a space themed, Star Wars, or sports themed event, there's a perfect fit for you. 

Faux Garden Hedge Backdrop

A Fan Favorite

We set up and design this deluxe 9x9 Garden Hedge Backdrop with flowers galore. Want your name cut out, spray painted, and applied? We handle that for you too. You can keep the name when we’re done but we take home everything else.

Video Messaging Confessionals

Video messages, interviews, vlogs in front of our ring lights- the kind that make your eyes sparkle.

Camera Slider Array

Like the Multi Cam, but smaller


Re-create the effect of the bullet time Multi Cam with just one camera, one slider, and a lot of pausing and innovation.


Simple. Easy. Fun. 3-5 frames.

Burst Mode GIF

Regular GIF’s bigger brother.

15-30 frames that we boomerang for loads of fun. Send these out via email/text. Brandeable as well.

Digital Props

Snapchat, anyone?

We have tons of digital props that your guests will love and we can categorize them based on theme as well. Come and take a look.

Light Painting

Fascinated with Light?

Paint with light and wonder. Requires a dark space or enclosed tent for best effects. We set this up for you.