How to find my wedding photographer

                                                 "I don't like looking at my wedding pics anymore"

It never fails when talking to couples who have gotten married in the past and we hear more of the same story. "We wish we would've invested in a better photographer" Here are some things to consider when looking for your Wedding photographer in hopes that you don't end up using that friend that you know who took photography in college.  (You know who I'm talking about)

Consider this:

Your unforgettable wedding memories depend on you finding the right photographer to capture the moments that you like as well as making your experience memorable and fun, of course. We've put together some topics to cover when considering your professional decision. 


Photography style - Have you seen their work? What do you like about their photos? you can always ask for a blog or website to review instead of their social media posts. This will give you a better idea of how the wedding day is captured as well as give you examples of certain styles of shots that appeal more to you.


Personality - You will be able to tell a lot from just meeting your photographer. Although face-to-face meetings are not always required or possible, nowadays you can get a general idea just from their personality on social media as well. No matter how skillful your photographer may seem, If he/she is not very personable or making your, friends & family feel good, You may be looking at stunning images that just remind you of the photographer that you didn't really vibe with.

About GC Masterpiece

After building a core team of creative individuals, we've been creating unforgettable experiences since 2016. We have a studio in the city of West Covina, California and currently service the L.A, O.C & SD areas. Our company has gone through several growth transitions and we seriously would not be here today if it wasn't for every person wanting to make a difference not only in the company but within themselves. We pride ourselves in having a growth mentality within the company that is rooted in leadership and accountability. If you like what you see and are considering a video package as well. Check out our Videography page.

Expertise - We recently heard from a couple that decided in a different direction and came back to us to tell us that the photographer they went with, did not have the right lenses to shoot inside their church ceremony. If you're having a ceremony where the photographer cannot get access close enough for great shots, this is where you would need to find out if your photographer would have the right gear by letting them know what shots you want in that type of setting.

Reviews - Where are my yelpers at?! Whoop Whoop! Positive reviews are a huge plus and what is even better is how recent the reviews have been submitted. A business that has multiple reviews also shows that they've gone through a lot of growth within in order to be able to keep a consistent positive result with their clients. 

Overall experience - What are some things that others are saying about their experience with the photographer. Is your email thread clear and consistent or does it feel like you're waiting for responses every time.  Chances are that if you not only love the style and feel of the photo's an you love what's being said about the photographer and their experience, You've found your match!