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We are Los Angeles and Orange County Wedding photographers. We travel all throughout Southern California as well as other states. We're deeply rooted in the style of Photojournalism and combine this with techniques of traditional Wedding Photography as well as focusing on intimate and emotional moments.

The result you get is a modern, clean and stylish gallery of wedding photos that are romantic, emotional, and raw. We pride ourselves on being more than just photographers- rather artists and directors who are in charge of creating beautiful and expressive moments unique to you and your day. 

We also offer engagement photography with one of our engagement photographers. Whether in engagement photos in Los Angeles or Orange County, we have a variety of locations for your engagement or pre wedding photos.

Being located in Southern California definitely has its perks, especially so if you're a Wedding Photographer. We love what we do and it shows. Let us show you around such locations as Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Malibu, Anaheim, Hollywood, and Pasadena. We have a vast library of locations we recommend for Engagement Photos that our clients love. From Beaches, to the City life, to Architecture, to Nature - let's shoot you in your best element and make those photos POP!


And while the nuances and details of the day are important, so is being comfortable, stress free, and having a good time. Our team is not only professionally trained for your day but very personable and fun as well. Hey, don't threaten us with a good time! And don't forget, it all flows together. After we instill the trust needed in us with being punctual, nailing certain shots, and following through with your timeline, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Your finished photos will thank you and so will we. You can count on us.


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Our Signature Style

The story that we tell is natural because it's your story. With a Photo Journalistic narrative, your love story naturally unfolds with a hint of creative direction from us along the way. It's our job to bring it out of you in an aesthetic way. Take a look at our Wedding Photography and see what you like. Scroll down further to check out our Engagement Photography.


How do you feel when you first see your partner after a long week of work? What do they tell you behind closed doors that only you can hear? The romance is always there but many of our clients might feel awkward at first in front of a camera. 

We re-create those moments that are special and intimate to you to capture you at your best.  


A Photojournalistic style takes its lead from editorial reporting styles and focuses more on candid moments with close to little photographer interaction. Our wedding photojournalists typically shoot quickly and are masters of utilizing the available light and diffusing flash, rather than using traditional, formal posing techniques and studio lights.

The result is a clean and modern photography that is casual and fun. We pride ourselves on being able to organically create lasting images from these genuine moments between our brides and grooms. 


Natural Posing

There are many ways of bringing out your natural beauty that you are already aware of. Many women are already familiar with higher angles, positioning their hips or shoulders for a more slender look, etc. We take it a step further and really bring our your eyes, your jawline, your lashes, your smile, and more. Take a look below at some of the natural poses we have created.

Focusing on the Details

The details of your Wedding are highlighted on center stage with our Macro lenses. From pictures of your engagement and wedding rings, to the shoes, to the dresses, and every bit of detail that is accentuated for your big day, we make sure to capture and bring out the best in. 

We love detailed shots and why not, you put tremendous thought into them after all. 

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Here, you will get to see exactly how we work with you in order to create those magical moments. Many of our couples express how they might feel awkward or get shy in front of a camera. We believe it’s our job to put you at ease and guide you through the process while we make sure your engagement photos look amazing. You’re going to have fun! Why? Because you are going to look your best when you are loose and having a great time. Instead of rugged “chin up, chin down” instructions, we gently guide you through an experience- “whisper something in her ear,” “touch your noses together, but don't kiss yet!” type of genuine moments that are created naturally when you are having fun with your significant other, the way it’s supposed to be!

Bundle your favorite Wedding Photography and Videography, or even add DJ, Event Lighting and Photo Booth Packages for the best value. Did we mention that with every bundled package, we include a dedicated Project Manager assigned to your special day. This Project Manager helps to coordinate and ensure our services go smoothly.

All Inclusive Packages

Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

Starting from $1,800


  • 1 Photographer

  • 6 Hours


Our classic package features 1 main shooter and covers 6 hours. This is made for smaller Weddings that require limited coverage on the day of.


  • 2 Photographers

  • 8 Hours

  • an Engagement Session

  • a 16x24 canvas


Our Exquisite Package is our most selected package, simply because you get the full day coverage of 2 Photographers who are able to cover everything from beginning to end.


  • 2 photographers

  • 10 hours

  • an Engagement Session

  • a 16x24 canvas

  • a 24x36 canvas

  • 12”x12” 10 page/20 sides Leather Photo Album

Great for couples who believe their wedding photos belong in print and want to cherish those memories through a carefully designed wedding album. 



One of the best in the BIZ! As an MC, I've worked with many different DJ's and let me tell you that they are defiantly one of the most professional companies out there. They are flexible, experienced  punctual and most of all so easy to work with. The best part is they can include multiple services like Photo Booth, Photographers, Videographers to go along with the DJ which makes a wedding couples life MUCH easier. Its always better to deal with one professional company that can provide multiple services, and do them all well! Looking forward to working many more with these guys!

-Kate L

GC has a whole team of photographers and videographers, plus DJ's and photobooth! I know you soon to be brides out there are tired from all the wedding planning, but don't worry, they have all the services you need to make your wedding great. So one shop and done. I booked all the services they have to offer and it came out to be cheaper than all the other photographers/videographers I was looking at, because they offered a package deal. Since they're one team, it was easier to communicate with them as a team, rather than contacting each individuals to plan for your wedding

-Amy L

The best photography service in Southern California, hands down!!! I just got some headshots taken with GC Masterpiece. My photographer, Amber, really took the time to get the best shots. You could tell she had a lot of talent, experience, and training under her belt, and really knew what she was doing. The studio environment was warm and inviting, with lots of beautiful examples of their work inside and super friendly and professional staff. I am so thrilled with their stellar work! Would highly recommend!!!

-Heliya I

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