Our Story

The origins of GC go all the way back to a humble home on Greencastle ave. circa 2008 where the founders once lived together as roommates. It was a magical place where the community was brought together- both friends new and old congregated. It was here that we hosted Public Speaking nights, Cooking nights, and only the most freakin’ legendary parties ever- and it was all powered by a good natured love and joy found through our very relationships with one another.

When we created our company GC Events years later in 2012, we wanted to integrate this same vibe and passion for the celebration of life into our culture and to our events.


In addition to our joyous, feel good, celebratory culture- we have four core values that we practice on the daily: Positive Attitude - Initiative - Commitment - Extraordinary

In another words - PICE! Positive - Initiative - Commitment - Extraordinary. Fine, that may not have qualified as an acronym, but it means a lot to us. Having a positive attitude is both absolutely important at our events and in our working environment. For us to consistently grow and expand our skill set, we must take initiative and responsibility by taking action. The road isn’t always an easy one, and a lot of our work demands that we be committed to our vision and to our goals. And finally, we believe that we are a far cry from the ordinary. We are extraordinary individuals who have congregated together with a common vision to create an extraordinary masterpiece. That masterpiece, is your Wedding.