Awesome Extras

Photo booth

With all these great features, The Orb is the perfect photo booth solution to take your special event to the next level

Still Photos

Allow your guests to take a standard still photo with an overlay border of your choosing. Guests can then share their photo and even print a physical copy.


Create a buzz with the GIF Animation option… Guests can take a series of photos that the Orb will combine to create an exciting stop animation that can be shared on social media

Burst Gif / Boomerang

One of our most popular features, Burst captures a series of photos in quick succession and creates a great live action “photo”. Select reverse to create awesome boomerang GIFs ready for sharing.


Our green screen feature provides a live preview of your guests superimposed on a background of your choosing. The green screen works for still pictures, GIF and Burst.

Digital Props

Snapchat, anyone?

We have tons of digital props that your guests will love and we can categorize them based on theme as well. Come and take a look.


Sharing is a big part of The Orb and we have made it easy for guests to share in different ways.

The Orb allows guests to share their photo via text message by simply entering their phone number.

Text Messages


With our email templates, you can easily customize your events look and feel and send stunning emails to each guest within seconds.

Awesome Extras

The Orb is packed with so many great features that give you the flexibility to create unique experiences every time.

Wireless printing from your The Orb to add a remarkable experience for your guest!

Wireless Printing


Allow guests to choose filters to apply to their photos or automatically apply a filter/layer filters to create a unique look and feel at your event.


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